5 Months

I can’t believe you are five months old!! Where has my little baby gone? You are eating solid foods now and your favorite food is Sweet Potatoes. Your favorite thing to do is bounce. You bounce when someone is holding you in their lap, you bounce when we put you on the floor to practice walking and you definitely bounce when we put you in your doorway bouncer. When you hear music you lose control and bounce even harder! You have started sliding yourself on the floor and we are bracing ourselves for the crawling. You love sleeping in nothing but a diaper. You are a happy baby and you are always laughing and smiling at us!

Products Used
All Designer Digitals
Stitches//Katie Pertiet-Messy Stitches
Flower//Katie Pertiet – 3/15 Color Challenge
Frame//Katie Pertiet – Clipped Stacks
Background Paper//MindyTerasawa – Love Bandit
Green Circle Square//MindyTerasawa – 3/8 Color Chal