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Project Life // January 2014


So yeah I am totally doing Project Life again this year!!!  I did decided to simplify the process a little.  The hardest part for me about PLife is those 12×12 weekly layouts.  There were some weeks that were just so uneventful that I found myself struggling to fill the pockets.  This year I am downsizing to a 6×8 album and I am losing the weekly concept.  I am going to document events and life and I could care less which week they fall in.  Above is a look at my first January layout, this is not my cover page.   I am using Paislee Press’s Calendar Cards and I am inserting them where the new month begins. The second pocket contains a filler card from the Midnight Edition with a START epoxy that I received in my Studio Calico kit.

The photo is a pic I snapped after my first personal training session.  I will get back to my pre-pregnancy size. . . I WILL DO IT!!!!  I finished this page with another card from the Midnight Edition and I included a funny conversation with Aubrey.

On the opposite side is the above page.  This page documents what everyday life looks like for us.  I included a pic of Aubrey doing homework and me sitting in the carpool line.  The Life button is from Campfire Designs who has some really awesome stuff!! I also included screenshots of my weather app.  We went from spring weather to winter in New England in less than 4 days.  You got to love North Carolina!!

On the back side of that page is this page.  This is dedicated to Aubrey and her gymnastics class.  I included a screenshot from some video I recorded and a photo I snapped.  The “shine bright” card is one I picked up from Michaels and the Love This card is from the Cobalt Edition and contains my thoughts on gymnastics.


Across from the gymnastics page is a page dedicated to a birthday party that we went to.  I used another card from the Cobalt Edition to document the party and then I included a couple of pics.

On the back side of the birthday party page is a page dedicated to JoJo and his trip to the National Flag Football Tournament.  THEY TOTALLY WON!!!  The card I used to document his win is also from the Cobalt Edition and the A+ epoxy is from my Studio Calico stash.

Across from the flag football page is another page dedicated to a week in our life.  The top pic is one I snapped of Aubrey during our first big snowstorm, did you pickup the sarcasm in that statement?  Beside that photo is a blank journal card that I used to document how much I love this kid!!!  The wood veneer heart is from my January Studio Calico kit.  The bottom 2 photos are actually screenshots from video that I shot this week.  I recorded my videos like this last year and at the end of the year all my videos were on one DVD and saved in the book.  The first video is of Aubrey at Fashion Show practice and the second is Aubrey doing her best mommy singing impression.  I will try to post more about these events later.


This page is dedicated to a Saturday we spent putting sweaters on trees!! How awesome is this!!!!!  Our local Small Business Administration came together and decorated all the trees on the road that our studio is on.  I included 3 photos from the day and this card from Studio Calico.

Across from the tree sweater page is this page.  They were calling for a BIG snowstorm and the day before it was scheduled to hit we had 70 degree weather.  JoJo decided to take Aubrey and spend the day at the park. I included 3 photos and a card from the Kraft Edition.

It snowed and not that dusting that we usually get.  We got about 8 inches of pure white powder!!!  This is my first spread of the book and I dedicated it to those sweet, sweet snow days!! I included some photos, a card from Becky Higgin’s Season Edition, and an epoxy and the LOVE THIS card from Studio Calico.  We also made snocream so I included the recipe for that!!

*Note Between these 2 pages I added a 3×8 insert to hold 4 additional photos from that day.

One of JoJo’s clients works with Models for Charity and they asked if Aubrey would be interested in walking the runway for them.  I told them sure but I never thought that she would go through with it.  Not only did she go through with it but she ROCKED it!!! I included some photos of her getting hair and makeup done.  I included photos of her showing off for the camera and I used tags that came in my Studio Calico kit to sass them up.  I included a 3×4 print of the poster for the fashion show.  I used a card from the Midnight Edition to document the entire day.  I also included 2 screenshots from video that I recorded that night.  I recorded her walking the runway and I recorded her rapping in the bathroom.  I may share that rap video one day because she had no idea I was there and it was the funniest thing I have ever heard.  I added the epic button I got from Studio Calico to the screenshot. The last photo is of Aubrey and Kat. . .. you know the girl from The Voice!!! We were so excited to meet her!!

So that is my January.  I have to say I love this size and this new way of documenting.  I am still keeping everything in order of when they happened but I may mix some week 1 with some week 2 on the same page.

Are you doing Project Life this year?


1 Comment for this entry

Christine N
February 25th, 2014 on 8:09 pm

Such a great start to your album! I love what you’ve done with it, and all the cute photos and video screenshots!