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Project Life | | Week 1


Let me first say I apologize for my pictures, I have been struggling with my camera lately.  I am not really sure what is going on, maybe it’s time for an upgrade.

As you can see from the above photos I have decided to combine my Project Life with my Project 365.  When I started PLife I knew I wanted to continue doing Project 365. I really love both projects and I think each one brings something different to the table.  I struggled with having 2 separate 2012 yearbooks, and  I know a lot of people don’t really care but for me I like my memories to be together.  I envision sitting down with Aubrey 20 years from now, opening one large book and sharing all the memories instead of looking at 2 or 3 books each time having to start the year all over.  I know it’s a little weird but so am I, most of the time.

I started the left page off with a little card I created using my Basic Spots Paper.  I just opened it in Photoshop, cropped it to fit 4×6 and then typed right on it.

Beside the card I printed a photo of Aubrey that JoJo text me earlier in the week.  After he picked her up from school they spent the afternoon watching TV and playing.  He walked out of the room for about 10 minutes and when he came back in he found her asleep. I used the frames from Taylor Made’s Indefinitely kit to give the photo a little pop and the journaled right on top of them.

The middle section contains a couple items from Aubrey’s first Art Workshop.  I printed out the the flyer and scaled it down to fit the 3×4 space.  After her workshop JoJo and I picked her up and went shopping at Whole Foods, we had 2 gift certificates!  I saved one of the gift cards and included that as well.  Right beside the gift card is a photo of Aubrey with the best cupcake ever, it looked like a mini cheeseburger!

I finished the middle row off with the wrapper to the baby food for Aubrey’s baby.  Santa brought her a Baby Alive for Christmas and she loves it, we totally hate it.  That doll actually uses DIAPERS!!!

In the bottom left corner is the Thank You note that Aubrey’s teacher sent us, I made her a photo book for Christmas.

My husband spent his New Year holiday pulling up carpets and putting down hardwoods. I finished this page off with an actual piece of the flooring that we put down.  The edges are a little rough, he is still learning to use the saw, I may go back with a file and clean them up a bit or add some journaling about JoJo’s new saw and his goal to learn how to use it.

Between the left and right pages I added an 8.5×11 plastic sleeve.

In the front of the sleeve I re-sized my intro page template to an 8.5×11.  I included some of my thoughts on the project and little background on why I do it.

On the back side of the insert I have my January 1 P365 layout, again using my P365 Templates re-sized to an 8.5×11.  We spent our New Year’s Eve in bed watching Aubrey’s favorite movies and as a special treat we let her sleep with us.  I snapped this photo after she woke me up that morning.

My right side is just simply my P365 Template printed out.  I replaced the background paper with one from my Basic Spots Paper Pack, I am trying to create a cohesive look with my book this year.

Including my P365 layouts in this book is definitely going to take it to another level. I know that some weeks will have more inserts in order to hold all my memories but I am OK with that and kind of excited to see it all come together.



2 Comments for this entry

Ellie A.
January 17th, 2012 on 10:36 am

Loving your week. OH & don’t get me started w/taking a “good” pic I know its the glare from the page protectors.. After I don’t know HOW many pics to get a “good” pic I finally moved my coffee table in my living room stood on my couch moved the curtain while my oldest held it and stood on my tippy toes AND GOT IT…plus I put my flash Ha.. YEAH needless to say Hubby was looking at me and said hmm maybe I should get a pic of you doing this and include THAT in the album! :) OH I used your Freebie of Tweets in my week so THANK YOU darling! OH can I say Super green about your new floors I

January 18th, 2012 on 11:21 pm

Oh my goodness…I hate trying to take pictures of my finished PL spread because of all the glare, I finally had to take everything out of the pockets and lay them on top of where they would be and then there is NO glare!