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Tour My House | Aubrey’s Big Girl Room


About a year ago JoJo and I finally gave in and packed away Aubrey’s crib.  We found a cute little toddler bed at Target and we set her up a big girl room, or at least what we thought was a big girl room. Then about 4 months ago we realized that our child was a crazy sleeper.  You know what I am talking about when I call her that.  You put her in bed with her head on her pillow and a few hours later you go to check on her and she has one foot on the pillow and one on the floor.  It was then that we realized she needed more room than a toddler bed.

My parents had an old twin bed in their upstairs so I convinced my dad to load it up and bring it over.  Then JoJo and I spent a Sunday afternoon at Bed, Bath and Beyond searching for just the right bedding.  Now Aubrey can truly say she has a big girl room.

*a quick note about the wall color.  You will notice that I am trying my best to get away from the soft pink. I am moving in the direction of teals, purples, brighter colors.  I had every intention to paint the walls a pretty lavender color but JoJo insisted NO. At first I thought “what the hell you can’t tell me what to do” then I quickly realized that JoJo painted those walls for her when I was about 7 months pregnant and that is the last bit of a nursery that he has to hold on to. . . .so for now the walls will remain Neapolitan Ice Cream.

Here is a shot of her room from the doorway.  I purposely left the bedskirt up so you can see that we kept the toddler mattress and hid it under the bed.  This is great to have on hand when Aubrey has friends over or when her cousin Riley decides to spend the night.  It also helps to keep the dogs from hiding under there :)

We moved this dresser to the corner beside her bed.  We kept it exactly the way it was in her first big girl room just in a new location.  We also kept all her artwork and wall stencils right where they were.  They actually  work better now because there is more wall space and the tree really looks like a tree.

Above her bed I still have the art and shadowboxes I told you about in the first post. I am thinking of updated this with a few more shoe related prints but for now I still love this arrangement.

If you stand on the opposite side of the room you get this lovely view.  The bookcase (turned on it’s side) used to hold her TV but when we started moving things around we quickly realized that it was the perfect size for her dollhouse. Santa brought her this dollhouse for Christmas and she has spent hours playing with it.

Above the dollhouse I kept the existing shelf and other fun stuff.  This is my favorite wall!!! This wall is to the right when you walk into the door.  The pink flower light was a $4 purchase from Ikea.  The shelf was an $8 purchase from Marshall’s.  The wings and the beaded headpiece she wore in the wedding.  There is a picture of her daddy right beside the football rattle she had as a baby .  The 2 prints I love so much.  The small one is another piece from my friend and the little girl with the cat is from Etsy.   She out her shop here.  The little flip flops she got from our last trip to Ohio.  She kept playing with “her shoes” and Mrs Stickley was sweet enough to let her have them.  I call her my little monkey and that is where the little monkey comes in.  Behind the mermaid is a crystal angel bear that my grandmother gave her. The mermaid is from Judie Bomberger and you can find her stuff here. My husband calls me and Aubrey his mermaids because we love the water and the tub soooo much.

In the corner is a weird shaped wall.  Before we had her dressup clothes hanging there but I wanted to do something to show off the cool little nook that it created.  I saw this idea on Pinterest and I knew as soon as I saw it I had to do it.  When JoJo and I went to Ikea a couple of weeks ago I bought the last 7 spice racks that they had and I placed them on this wall and it creates the perfect little library for her.  I could only fit 4 but that’s ok because I have big plans for the other 3.  I put the special books at the top, this keeps her from being able to grab them and write in them or tear them up.  The toddler friendly ones I put at that bottom.  The little purple chair is also from Ikea and the Panda Pillow Pal was a gift from her “grandma” Stickley.

Another view of the bookshelves.

As you walk into the door the wall to the left of you is pretty much closet.  There is a tiny little space right behind the door that made the perfect area for all her dressup stuff.  I have her princess dresses hanging up and right under them is a little pink basket that holds her purses, dressup shoes, etc.  Above the dresses is a little plaques that reads  “if you are confident then you are beautiful”, just so she knows you don’t need that stuff it’s just fun to have sometimes. I also placed her jewelry holder  at Bre level and right above that is an old frame that I turned into a hairbow/headband holder.  I also keep her headphones on it so she doesn’t “wash” them.

We moved her TV into the closet.  It keeps it out of the way and creates a little media area for her.  Again this TV is only hooked up to her DVD player and she is only allowed to watch her movies on it.

On the other side of the closet is where we keep her clothes.  We purchased this drop closet bar from Walmart when we first set up her nursery and it has been the best $11 we spent in this room.  We also purchased this shoe organizer but honestly I never made much use of it until a couple of months ago when I found these tiny baskets at Family Dollar, for $2.  They fit the space perfectly and they hold her socks, her panties, and other small items.  The striped baskets at the top of her closet hold clothes that she will grow into and I was able to snag these for $1 a piece last year at a clearance sale Lowe’s was having.

Here is a closer view and in this view you can see her shoe organizer that divides her clothes from her TV.

For now her little room is perfect and I will only change it if JoJo finally gives in and lets me paint the walls.

2 Comments for this entry

August 23rd, 2011 on 11:32 pm

I love Aubrey’s room… everything about it… and I especially love the neapolitan icecream walls… I’m in agreeance with JoJo… :)

August 24th, 2011 on 8:56 am

I love her room!!You have given me soo many ideas for my daughter’s room! Thank you!