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Project {Life} Summer – Week 5


Believe it or not but last week right in the middle of play dates, hospital visits, blog redesigns, and day trips I was able to squeeze in a little Project Summer time, this should totally tell you how much I love it and how easy it is to maintain!

Here is a quick look at the left side of the page.

Aubrey received her first haircut this week so I snapped a before and after shot.  I put these together in photoshop on a 4×6 canvas. I also added a little journaling about how excited she was until she saw the scissors and then she totally flipped out.  Right above the photo I included a lock of hair in a small plastic baggie (is that totally creepy).  Beside the hair is a little photo of JoJo and Aubrey playing dress up and I must apologize I have promised that I would not discuss what anyone in this photo is wearing, unless of course I need to blackmail someone.

At the top of the page is a date card that I created using my Early Morning kit.  This is an exact replica of the cards that are included in Becky Higgin’s kits.  I missed the boat on buying the kit so I had to create my on.  Just a little FYI if you are interested in participating in Project Life or you own version (project christmas, spring break, school year, etc) you should totally check out Becky’s blog and catch a sneak peek of the new stuff that will be on sale in October.  This stuff sells out fast so make your decision now and be ready to buy!

To the right of the date card is a photo of some purple peppers I snapped while at the Farmer’s Market.  I had no idea peppers came in purple, I will eat them simply for their color!!!

On the other side of this page is a small journaling card that tells a little bit about the dress up photo and about the print that I added to the entryway.  I discovered this little gem over here at Becky’s blog (I really need to quit stalking her).

Here is a quick look at the opposite page.

At the bottom of the page are a couple of photos of Aubrey playing her new Wii game.  I also scanned the cover of the game and added it to the photos.

At the top of the page I just took a copy of my blog post and printed it to fit.

The other side are just a couple of photos I snapped of Aubrey and Riley being silly while eating lunch at the Farmer’s Market.

This week was a week of good news for our family.  This is one of the letters that I received notifying me of the good news.  It’s kind of personal so I decided not to do an up close of it.

This is the letter JoJo received notifying him of his certification results.  I took both of these letters and placed them in 8.5×11 holders and added them between my two pages.

I am still loving this project and right now I am just focusing on how to make these photos better for you to view, again this should tell you how simple this project is to maintain!

3 Comments for this entry

Christine Newman
August 10th, 2011 on 6:04 pm

I love your Project Life summer album! I love your script handwriting on the journaling cards. I love how you made a custom date card using your own designs. I love the page about the dog that you copied from your blog. I love how you scanned the cover of the Wii game and included it. So many good ideas! ♥

Stephanie Bryan
September 21st, 2011 on 8:20 am

Love your PL album!!! And I am totally in love with your papers and your own date card! Did you add the space for the date in photoshop? I’m dying to try it myself! Do tell!!!

    September 21st, 2011 on 8:25 am

    Yeah! I just took regular digi scrap paper (this is from my early morning kit) and I cropped it to 4×6 in photoshop and then added the date strip with the date.