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Thankful Thought No. 2


Binks, what Aubrey calls my sister, gave Aubrey a cute little monkey for Christmas in 2008.   Even though she was only a couple of months old she instantly feel in love with “Monkey”, as with everything her Binks gives her.  Somewhere around her first birthday we lost monkey and couldn’t find him anywhere!! We were so devastated because we had visions of Aubrey carrying Monkey with her on sleepovers, to play dates and yes even away to college.

My mom kept Aubrey on Friday night so that JoJo and I could get up early Saturday morning and give our house a much needed cleaning ( 5 hours of cleaning).  During the intense cleaning session we came across a basket of toys that we placed on a shelf during our wedding, about 16 months ago. We wanted to get the toys out of the way while everyone was visiting we had no idea that we both would forget about them. In that basket of toys we found Monkey. . . . .

When we went to pick up Aubrey that afternoon we took Monkey with us and as soon as she saw him she screamed “MOOOOONKEEEEEY” and then she grabbed him and gave him the biggest hug and kiss.  She has slept with him every night since then and even made sure he had plenty of covers, so he doesn’t get cold.

Today I am so thankful the smile that is back on Aubrey’s face. Thank you Monkey it is good to have you back.

Thankful Thoughts is a new semi-regular series from Ali Edwards. If you’ve missed any of the previous weeks please check out the archiveThankful Thought | 001 included a rounded corner mask and a video tutorial to show you how to work with both the mask and the photo overlay.